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FPS Central (Oct/25/04)
PC Gamer UK Interview (Dec/06/04 for Feb 2005 Issue)
ModDB (Jan/4/05)
FPS Central (Feb/4/05) Interview (Mar/8/05)(Czech version)
Bluewolf Interview (May/12/05) (Dec/05) (March/06)
Tekka Sekai (March/06)


Moddb Mod of the Month for January 2005
IGF Best Mod Of The Year 2006 Doom 3
Macologist Mod Of The Year Nomination
Mod Database Mod Of The Year 2005 (#6 of 3600+)
IGF 2006 Mod Awards Video (LMS is about 6 minutes in)

PC Gamer UK February 2005
PC Gamer UK March 2005
PC Gamer USA Modwatch
PC Gamer USA Webpage Front Page MentionGameStar (German Magazine)
PC GAMES (German Magazine, DVD version)
PC Action May 2005 (German Magazine)
The Games Machine June 2005 (Italian Magazine, DVD version)
The Games Machine (Italian Magazine, Estimated in September 2005 issue, Scan Pending)
PcZone Magazine (appeared in the July issue)
Domashny PK August 2005 (Ukrainian Magazine, scan pending)Gameplay August 2005 (Ukrainian Magazine, scan pending)
PC Gamer UK (September 2005 issue, DVD Version) Mention
ModNMod Review, June 30 2005
PC Action September 2005 (German Magazine)
Bravo Screenfun (German Magazine, December issue coverdisk)
Future France (French Magazine, November issue coverdisk)
The Mac Observer Review, January 9th 2006
PC Gamer UK (January 2006 issue, DVD Version)
Game Informer Issue (March 2006)
PC Gamer UK (March 2006 Issue)
PC Gamer UK (June 2006 Issue DVD)
PC Powerplay (June 2006 Issue Australian Magazine)
Game Developer Magazine (May 2006)
BGamer (Issue 96 Portuguese magazine)
PC Games (November 2007, Scan Pending)
PC Action (November 2007, Scan Pending)
Gamestar (November 2007, Scan Pending)