Hi! I’m Michael Tomaino, thank you so much for coming to my website!

Michael Tomaino

I recently did a TEDx talk! Check it out!

I’m the author of “How To Be A Superhero: The TOP SECRET Official Guide” published on Amazon under Michael Tomaino, Project Lead of the Doom 3 Coop mod Last Man Standing, and Platinum Arts Sandbox.

How To Be A Superhero: The TOP SECRET Official Guide is about helping people find their real life superpowers, train their body and mind, deal with negative emotions, and go out into the world to help people. It is based on my successes teaching students that come from low income homes and many years of research into psychology. The goal is to help spark the transition from the fixed to growth mindset. The book is already helping to change lives which is what it is all about to me. There are some really heart warming stories in the reviews.

Here is my book trailer, created by one of my students:

I’m also working locally to donate the book to homeless shelters, children’s hospitals, and any other groups with people in need. I would really love to help as many people as possible and that is what the book, and future books, are all about.

Thank you so much for thinking about being a superhero and helping people! I would love to team up in any ways possible!

– Michael Tomaino